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At Fusion Tools, we know about the time and dedication you put into your jobs. We offer only the best products that go hand in hand with the quality you expect out of yourself and the products you use daily.

May 2013

We launched this site and 2 more!



This (fusion handle) is definitely the Cadillac, this (unger handle) is kind of Middle grade. - youtuber Ralph Van Pelt Posted April 25, 2013

January 2017

We released our newest Squeegee Blade The Hybrid!

Products you can count on. 

August 2019

The Max Flux Heat Gun has made its debut. This heat gun is exactly what our industry needs.

Pride you can be proud of

Our products are manufactured and assembled as much as possible on American soil. Our factory technicians examine and critique every item that leaves our facility. No product leaves our factory until it passes an extremely strict quality control inspection.

May 2018

We took on the toughest job in our industry. Removals! And we made it EPIC!

August 2018

We released 7 new squeegees that truly inspired the industry along with 4 New Handles! THE RED LINE EXTRACTORS


"I found I was wearing out the blue max really quick.  The orange crush seems to last me much longer and it is also a bit more flexible to conform to rear windows better. 
I use the "cropped", angle cut sides, one and a fusion handle.  The fusion handle is much better than the unger IMO as it holds much closer and solid... " -Post from Ryker dated November 3, 2014

Thanks for the positive feedback!

January 2017

We are, once again, the first to introduce innovative designs for installation tools!

October 2016

We released the Fusion Hand Job at the Window Film Magazine Tint Conference!

check it out!

Release the Pink Clean

We introduced the Pink Clean! Our softest blade ever made for cleaning.

November 2002

We began providing tools to multiple distributors!

December 2016

We updated our logo to feature easy-to-understand hard to soft explanations for users.


I saw a fusion handle on the shelf one year. I tried it out. My poor unger put into retirement by a new tool. Decades of service my unger did me well. I don't miss my unger. I had to be retired before my new tool does. Thank you Fusion for the change.

- Installer Billy Aiton via Facebook December 14, 2016

I've been in the tint industry for well over 10 years & I have used many tools & different slip solutions. When I was introduced to Fusion All Type mounting solution, I was thinking, here we go with another one...

Well, I gave it a shot and I've not looked back. The way it allows the film to slip just enough to mount the film correctly is nothing short of perfect. It also doesn't leave a rainbow effect through the film as it's drying. I will, for the rest of my tinting career, use Fusion All Type mounting solution and all of the Fusion Tools. Simply the best!- Scorpion Trainer Jody Knight via Facebook March 14th, 2018

October 2002

We launched our tools at The SEMA show in Las Vegas!

fusion turbo proS!

in 2017 we made the industry's first injection molded Turbos.

september 2017

We released 7 new products at the WFCT in West Palm Beach Florida!

November 2003

We released the first Plotter Loading Systems.

July 2016

We released the Fusion Stretch & announced the New Fusion Hand Job!